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By: Sally Rozelle, 7th Grader, Febuary 2020

My breath
Swirls in the sky
Forms shapes
Circles, waves

My hands
Hidden under the gloves
No warmth 
For my fingers

My stomach 
I could eat all day
But, no
This food is for you

I know you are hungry
Hidden beneath the frost
Your hands are colder
Frozen, no gloves

This food is warm
I hand it to you
Your voice is small
But I can hear
You want me to eat too

So we sit
Beneath the frosted tree
And eat the apple pie
Happily, with warmth.

The Sounds That Keep You Awake

By: Margaret Monfrenda, 7th Grader, Febuary 2020

Most people are kept awake by a squeaky door
Or by the shadow they know is nothing more
They know they are imagining it
It is all in their minds
They an still fall asleep in no time

I am kept awake by much more
a cat from when I was 4
it is not loud
in fact it is soft
it does not scratch or even claw
it purrs all night
never in the day
You may think it is so cute
but if you knew you would shout
it is not here in this house
it been dead for 9 years to count

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January Features


Sally Rozelle, 7th Grader, January 2020

The other day I

Turned on my radio

And made sure the

Volume was as loud as

It could go


The news yelled and

Screamed in my ear

So I turned it down

To make it disappear


Then I turned it up

So I could hear

And this annoyed

My Father who came in and said

"You and this radio better go to bed!"

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Newspaper Clipping Poem

Charlize Colaluca, 8th Grader, January 2020

Discover your mission

Home to the good stuff

Spread joy in vibrant colors

and crisp florals

Suddenly everywhere





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