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It's not right

By: Brook Read, 7th Grader

It's not right

the world these days.

People are living in fright...

Equality has faded..

We are all equal..

we are all people.

and should be treated that way.

The world has changed,

do you have something nice to say?

If not, go away...

Let's not live apart.

Just know,

it all comes from the heart.

Let's all do our part.

We can help it end...

Everyone is a friend.

No matter what they look like,

no need to dislike..

Live, Love, Equality.

For all.

"A person's a person,

no matter how big or how small"

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March Features

I Should be, I ought to be

Jocelyne Lioe, 8th Grader


Margaret Monfreda, 7th Grader


I ought to be in drops of rain and in thorns of roses,

I ought to be in the soft sweet smell wafting into our noses.

I ought to be in chirps of birds and in the crackling of fire,

I ought to be in the fresh crisp sound echoing like a choir.

I ought to be in rays of sunshine and in sparkles of stars,

I ought to be in the lovely rich sight, never to be claimed as ours.

I ought to be in the baking of bread and in sizzling of oil,

I ought to be in the pleasant savory taste that can easily cause turmoil.

I ought to be in the barks of trees and in clumps of dirt,

I ought to be in the rough bristly feeling of the pieces of chert.

I ought to be in the breeze, the wind that blows through your hair.

I ought to be in quiet exchanges of love between all different pairs.

I ought to be in drying ink on paper, still a messy scrawl.

I ought to be in minor concerns, no matter how small.

I ought to be in droplets of water trickling down from a spring.

I ought to be appreciative of even the tiniest things.

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Darkness is glooming

Around us as

Rain storms are beginning

Kindness is a candle that has

Not quite ran out

Even though it has not broken through the darkness and

Sadness is all around us

Sadness can never take over if we just keep going

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