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Goodbye Summer

Quinlyn Dalyander, 7th Grader, September 2020

The summer is ending,

Put your sand toys away

Into fall we are descending

So soon? It seems yesterday it was May

We dust of our backpacks

And pack them with bricks

And go on a bus that's old and stinks.

It smiles at us, but we don't smile back

Every reminder comes like as kick and a slap

From class to class we go,

These days go by so slow,

Seeing old friends is great,

But all we can think,

I how long we have to wait,

For next summer to roll around


Harrison Dunning, 7th Grader, October 2020

The leaves were like beautiful beaming ballerinas dancing through the autumn sky. The Sun, a golden sphere cheerfully smiling at me, and the animals gathering food for the cold winter ahead.

Your Covid Features

We've had enough

Keeley Kaplan, 9th Grader, September 2020


We’ve had enough!

The sun was out and shining

But now everything is turning dark

Why can’t all of this chaos and sickness go away?!

People are dying every day!

People are devastated

And they are lonely

Wearing masks

Staying at home

Constant storms

Hurricanes all across the atlantic

Losing communications

The government doesn’t know what to do

No one knows what to do

When will it be enough

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Ms. Vincent

The Center for Gifted Studies Language Arts teacher for 8th grade at Thurgood Marshall Fundamental

Mr. Puckett

Center for Gifted Studies 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher at Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle School

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