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  53 Days Competition  

On May 8th, 2020, St Petersburg reached its 53rd day of Social Distancing because of the Coronavirus. To acknowledge that sad milestone, Omni Lit had a live mini-competition, where the Omni Lit club members would write a poem related to the 53rd day theme in 5 minutes. Here are the winners and submissions:

1st Place

53 days by Miles Dallara, 8th Grader

For 53 days we are kept in this cage

For 53 days, time stood still

We wonder if this may be the end of an age

We wonder if more people it will kill

So here we sit in solitude

Here we sit locked away

Ourselves we must seclude

Or we may never see another day

We may be alone

We may feel sad

But we must stay lest we lose our throne

We must stay and remember when we were glad

So, no matter what you feel

You must be strong

Yourself you must conceal

Or this quarantine we will prolong

2nd Place

53 days by Ethan Koh, 8th Grader

53 days, let me repeat, 53 days,

The minutes turn into hours,

And yet I still don't feel the craze,

Beautiful places have been broken,

But they are so far away,

The days blend into each other,

And soon, it’s been WEEKS!!! WEEKS!!!

Yet the entire human race is still stuck,

On drifting spaceships,

In the empty void,

Lonely, alone, and cold.


Now it has been 53 days,

And the effects are really taking hold,

Nothing productive to do,

Nothing to be fun too,



"Prepare for reentry," 

It is almost over,

But stay cautious,

Believe me,

For now, don’t go to the beach,

For now, I beseech,

Keep everyone safe,


As I have told you before,

It’s almost over,

Quarantine 2020.

3rd Place

53 days by Halle Pupo, 8th Grader

53 days.

53 days without friends or family

53 days of loneliness

53 days of sadness

53 days of wondering when it will end

53 days.

Other Submissions

53 days by Jonathan Miller, 8th Grader

53 days and I'm going mad
53 days it's quite sad
That I've been stuck inside for 53 days
So have to entertain myself in many ways
From pretending to be plane
To acting like a lion with a luscious mane
Oh this quarantine has been tough
But thankfully I can eat pillow fluff
Oh to entertain myself in every way
So hopefully I can survive this quarantine for another day
Oh 53 days
To entertain myself I'm still coming up with ways

53 days by Keeley Kaplan, 8th Grader

I’m so lost without my friends

I haven’t seen anyone except for my family in ages

I’m so bored because I’m stuck at home- when will the quarantine be done?

It seems like 53 days since I’ve seen the sun

The quarantine will eventually end

And I’ll get to see my friends

But that day seems far from now

Because people stupid and go outside anyhow

For now, I’ll just play my ukulele

Until the quarantine is over

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