6th Grade Poetry

I see the Sky

by Rachel Ruffing

I see the sky too.

And no one believes it but you I see the stars in your eyes,

When I do, I don’t notice your lies,

You say quarantine is not fine,

But that statement I must decline, for I think the situation is quite divine.


The streets are dark,

They will leave a mark,

The shelves are empty,

There is far from plenty,

Houses are full 24/7,

But there is always less than 11,

Is this what you mean by everything is not fine,

Because from the looks of it this is not such a great chime for your ears as it is to mine.


I get to be alone like never before,

I don’t even need to go into a store,

I don’t understand why you wanted to lie,

Because lying makes me want to cry,

Your opinion is not mine,

So why don’t you just keep it to yourself next time,

Maybe they’re 100 reasons why this is bad but they’re also 100 reasons why this is good.


So keep your head up high to see the sky don’t look to the ground even though you could,

Because I see the sky,

And so should you 


Disclaimer: I don’t really like quarantine

Wow, these poems below are dark!

Image by Annie Spratt

The Flower Shop

by Rachel Ruffing

“The flower shop”
I need an uplifting sight
Spend one day without a fight
So I walk in to a flower shop
A lady runs up and says “ these flowers- make your eyes pop”
I say “you really think so”
She says “no”

The shops nothing special it’s actually kinda sad
The place is really dark because the lighting’s really bad
But the flowers are Beautiful I cannot deny
I wonder if the owner is kinda shy
That’s what I expect from a tiny little flower shop
I still don’t know why this shop made me want to stop
I simply don’t know could it be a curse
Or even something much worse
I must have been saying this all out loud
Because the lady said “its the smell of the flowers and what’s not to like from a sweet little flower shop it will be sure to to make your hart stop.”

Something happened then and there
That gave me a bad scare
I ran out of the store
I wanted nothing more
It was the smell of the flowers
They must have had powers
Because they did cause my hart to stop
And that caused me to drop
In the middle of the street
And all I know is that night was not so sweet

I laid there for hours without a breath
This is what must have caused my death.....

Image by Michael Mouritz

The Voices

by Elliot Curtis

Everywhere I go they always follow 

Blaring in the back of my mind 

My head they surely hollow 

So loud I might go blind 

Everyday their shouting 

Screaming things I don’t know 

Often time’s you’ll find me pouting 

Try not to let it show 


Today they were loud enough 

I thought everyone heard 

I tried to act tough 

But my thoughts raced like a herd 


I broke down right then and there 

Everyone's eyes landed on me 

I hide my face in my hair 

But I knew I couldn’t flee 


Their words were so loud “What’s wrong?” 

I might as well have been in a tomb  

They all asked again with a fiery long 

I looked up but I was still in an empty room. 

Image by Erico Marcelino

Flower Crown

by Elliot Curtis

The wind blows my flower crown away 

In the wind is where I play 

It’s a beautiful thing 

Though it does make my ears ring 


The dandelions flow in the breeze 

Then the flowers all freeze 

The wind comes to a stop 

I come to a halt mid-hop 


What could it be 

A wind-blocking tree 

No, it’s much different 

So real it feels like rent  


This is dangerous I can tell 

My ears are ringing faster than a bell 

This might be the end oh-no 

I will try to defeat this foe 


I walk to the edge of the forest 

I can’t give it a rest 

My heart in my throat 

I’m being choked on by my coat 


It’s ok to cry  

If you're about to die 

Goodbye dandelion crown 

In the lake, you will drown 

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@2020 All work was produced by the Thurgood Marshall Omni lit Club

Most background photos from Unsplash.com and Wix.com.