7th Grade Poetry

Green Lean Cucumber Machine

By: Audrey McMurrian, September 2020

Green lean cucumber machine you are like a tree

Oh green how you are so clean I do not know

Blue is the Color

By: Quinlyn Dalyander, September 2020

Blue is the color of lakes,

Blue is the color of cakes,

Blue will make you smile,

Think of it while,

You look up at the sky,

Do not cry,

Because blue is there

We've had enough

By: Quinlyn Dalyander, September 2020

We've had enough of your pain,

It rains down upon us,

It has no end, how will we mend

the hole left by Covid

Gradient Strip

Goodbye Summer

By: Quinlyn Dalyander, September 2020

The summer is ending,

Put your sand toys away

Into fall we are descending

So soon? It seems yesterday it was May

We dust of our backpacks

And pack them with bricks

And go on a bus that's old and stinks.

It smiles at us, but we don't smile back

Every reminder comes like as kick and a slap

From class to class we go,

These days go by so slow,

Seeing old friends is great,

But all we can think,

I how long we have to wait,

For next summer to roll around.

Thurgood didn't seem like a creepy place...

Rachel Ruffing, October 2020

Thurgood was never a creepy place, but now everything has changed. The lights are hardly ever on, the students are almost always silent, but yet the teachers are still the same. They wear colors like if it where 2019, they don’t seem to age, they talk happily unlike the students, and they seem to find joy in every step they take. This just doesn’t match up, none of this does. The teachers act as if we where not all at the risk of dieing a slow death from lawnarko. If the person reading this doesn’t know this and it living under a rock then the corona  virus has evolved into lawnarko in my town and many others but we cant leave because then we will spread it.  By the way my name is Sam, and my town has chosen the stupid decision of not trying to stop the disease and just live a normal life until we all get sick. To me it’s a very stupid choice and I did not agree with this decision. The odd thing is that the teachers haven’t seemed to change since 2019, I have asked them about lawnarko but they have no clue what it is it’s almost like the are in another dimension or frozen in time. But that’s besides the point.  The point is everything is creepy, creepier right now then ever the second our town made that choice everyone changed and I don’t mean like they grew taller or got glasses I mean they all turned dark. They walk around like they have weights on their shoulders, and drag their feet as if they where walking in quicksand, they all have circles under their eyes as dark as the night sky, they have the eyes of snakes and don’t remember what year it is. They all say its 2070 but its 2030. So if the teachers think its 2019 and the students think its 2070 am I lost in time?! But my family thinks its 2030, “ WHAT IS GOING ON!!!! “


Thurgood didn't seem like a creepy place...

Noah Vasallo, October 2020

Thurgood Marshall didn't seem like a creepy place. Then I say Mr. Puckett’s second head. Then there was more Leroy wasn’t actually trying find the third floor he was protecting us from the evil forces of the vampires from above. Have you ever actually looked up at the ceiling? I didn’t think so. That is where the vampires come from. Leroy is always protecting us from them. Mr. Pucketts second head was actually from his former vampire body, but he changed into a human, though he just hadn't sheded his old head. He escaped the disease that made him a vampire and overcame it. Though his other siblings were still on the loose looking to destroy human in the middle school.

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@2020 All work was produced by the Thurgood Marshall Omni lit Club

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