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I Can't Day it
Isis mcdaniel, 7th grade
December 2022

"E-                                                                                                                                                     Emo-
Emotional Da-
Emotional Day-

Just say it!
I can't!
Why not?


That I can't explain
To you

Google Chrome

Isis McDaniel, 7th Grade

December 2022

Chrome is a great browser
Far more superior than edge

Tab grouping
And extensions that actually work
Make chrome top dog

One day
Some kid found out
That you can download games with chrome extensions

So, kids began to play Vex 5 in class
Admin retaliated
By blocking
Not chrome extensions - 
But chrome itself

I have to use edge
All that is left is scratch, quickdraw, and edge surf

What's next to go?

Middle School Nature

Isis McDaniel, 7th Grade

December 2022

When kids play games in class
Teachers don't like it
For obvious reasons
It keeps them from doing their work
Makes the teacher look bad

So, admin had a plan
They would just nip it in the bud
And block all the gaming websites
So that kids wouldn't play them

But that didn't work
Kids turned to the websites
That prided themselves
On being unblocked games
Unblocked games wtf
Unblocked games 67
Just to name a few

So, kids played those games in class
So, admin blocked them
And the cycle repeated
Until there were very little unblocked games left

So, people began playing
On the coding website called scratch
But admin couldn't block it
Because it wasn't technically
A gaming website
That was at the end of last school year

Now it's December 2022
And the kids have found a new one
Chrome extensions
So, kids started playing Vex 5
And what happened next
Was a shock

The Sounds of Night

By: Calista Dalyander, 7th grade 

A city night, 
A quiet day,
The cars are an ocean
Always in motion,
The noise of civilians
Never at bay,
Not a roar,
More a purr.

A Girl in the Wind

By: Calista Dalyander, 7th grade 

A girl in the wind, 
Up against the world
No mistakes, no failure, 
The needle in a haystack,
Impossible to find
Lost in a flurry of perfection
Her only relief
In the wind.
Her only life.

Building to Death

By: Calista Dalyander, 7th grade 

Centuries ago, 
No one would have thought,
It would be possible
To build to dark.

But now we can see
Now that we can barely breathe,
That it is true
To build so high
We could die. 

The smog and grey
Trapped inside,
Like a kid
On a rainy day.

Now I see why Venus
Is called Earth's sister planet
A thick atmosphere
constantly heating,
Only eating more heat.

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