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Septembe 2020
Hurricane Map

We've had enough

By:Keeley Kaplan, September



We’ve had enough!

The sun was out and shining

But now everything is turning dark

Why can’t all of this chaos and sickness go away?!

People are dying every day!

People are devastated

And they are lonely

Wearing masks

Staying at home

Constant storms

Hurricanes all across the atlantic

Losing communications

The government doesn’t know what to do

No one knows what to do

When will it be enough

Above the Clouds


By:Keeley Kaplan, September 2020

The person I met 

In 8th grade 

I fell for him 

He seemed different 

I thought it would last 

Oh how I was wrong 

He put me through so much pain 

So much hurt 

He was the poison in my tea 

Toxic to me 

And I never realized until now 

I wrote him a heartfelt note 

And a heartfelt poem 

On valentine's day 

And he didn’t speak to me 

For two weeks 

Are you really that upset 

People say you’re so kind 

But it hurt 

Those two weeks of me wondering what was happening 

And then he basically let me down gently 

Don’t do that 

Just tell me 

It’s going to hurt me more letting me down gently 

Because in reality that’s harsher than telling me the truth 

You said we could still be friends 

You said it wouldn’t be awkward 

And I believed it 

But you made it awkward 

I returned to normal 

But you changed 

I didn’t push my feelings on you 

I didn’t try to pressure you into liking me 

I left it there 

Why did you make it awkward 

Things might’ve been fine now 

If it didn’t end up like that 

I don’t have feelings for you anymore 

And you can’t call me your friend anymore 

You’ve lost that 

And you’ve lost my trust 

You told me that you were here for me 

And that you cared 

And then when I try to talk 

About the things that are hurting me 

You never say anything 

You wait for me to change the topic 

Seriously, what the hell dude?! 

You clearly don’t care 

Or value my friendship at all 

You stopped responding to what I say 

You will only respond to hello and how are you 

If I say anything else 

Then you are silent 

When I came out to you as asexual you were silent 

You played pretend 

You were not a friend to me 

You stung me like a bee 

Like I said, you were the poison in my tea 

You walked away and still say I’m your friend 

Well I’m not 

Karma has come back to get you for treating me like that 

You don’t have me as a friend anymore 

I gave you so many chances 

And you threw them all away 

You can say goodbye to the trust that I had in you 

You can say goodbye 

Say goodbye to it all 

You no longer have my heart 

You don’t have my trust 

I’m not playing your game 

Say goodbye to it all 

Say goodbye to me 

Because I’m not coming back 

After what you’ve done 


Good luck 

Don’t treat someone like this again 

Best of wishes to you 

Say goodbye to me 

Because this is my goodbye to you 


Camp Fire

A poem by Miles Dallara

September 2020

No rest for the wicked

A dark flame

Watch the afflicted

Look at the monsters they became

Listen to the beat of death

Listen to it pound

Take your final breath

Drop to the ground

See the dark gate

Looming over all

Feel the deathly weight

Take the dreaded fall

October 2020


By: Miles Dallara, October 2020

I felt useless

No voice to cry suffering

I was voiceless

I was never good at comforting

I was scared of what might be

I was broken by what I read

I was terrified for what I might see

I was trapped within dread

But an angel  emerged from the dark

The saving grace, the wooden ark

All the problems were gone

So why did I think I had no reason to live on

For house I tried to solve this plight

To be fixed in minutes by that light

Was it all in  vain?

Am I really just useless

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