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Flower Crown

Elliot Curtis, 6th Grader

The wind blows my flower crown away 

In the wind is where I play 

It’s a beautiful thing 

Though it does make my ears ring 


The dandelions flow in the breeze 

Then the flowers all freeze 

The wind comes to a stop 

I come to a halt mid-hop 


What could it be 

A wind-blocking tree 

No, it’s much different 

So real it feels like rent  


This is dangerous I can tell 

My ears are ringing faster than a bell 

This might be the end oh-no 

I will try to defeat this foe 


I walk to the edge of the forest 

I can’t give it a rest 

My heart in my throat 

I’m being choked on by my coat 


It’s ok to cry  

If you're about to die 

Goodbye dandelion crown 

In the lake, you will drown 

Your April Feature

Can't Stop

by Jonathan Miller, 8th Grader

Why can’t I stop going to this place 

All these bright colors and nice sounds bombarding my face 

I guess I keep coming because I hope I win 

To pay back the extreme debt I'm in 

But I just can’t stop for every night and day 

I always keep coming back to play 

I don’t see a way out I can take 

So amends with myself I can make 

But I'm simply in to deep 

And farther down I continue to seep 

I begin to always be sad 

One of my friends said a way to make me happy they had 

I wanted to be happy so of course I was down 

But my decision in the end made me look like a clown 

When I first tried it and it made me feel good 

I honestly thought my friend was lying I didn’t think it actually would 

When I have it, it makes me so happy I want to sing 

This wonderful substance is my new favorite thing 

I take it every day 

And it makes me feel great in every way 

But as the days go on I need more to get the same feeling 

But it’s to be happy so of course I'm willing 

But one day after taking my largest amount 

It begins getting hard to count 

I begin to get nauseous 

I should have listened to my friend who said to be cautious 

I fall and it starts goes black 

It starts getting harder to breathe as I lay there on my back 

I should have stopped I should have knew 

Well now my time is up and there is nothing I can do 

Your Quarantine Feature

by Ethan Ruffing, 8th Grader

During this time of isolation
I have found people tend to get sad
This shows in their poems,
which makes me mad
Because pessimism is my job
and yours is to be glad
So ironically I find myself needing to write a nice poem
which will probably be bad

There once was brick house
and in that house, lived a mouse
The mouse had a spouse
who had just bought a blouse
Plot twist, the shirt was a lizard
that happened to also be a wizard
Who being jealous of the mice’s love, made a great blizzard

Now in such a storm,
that wasn’t very warm,
the mice couldn’t find each other
because even the greatest squeak, this snow would smother
what could each one do?
Well, no one knew
So they decided to wait
and rely on fate

Normally I wouldn’t condone complacency,
but what mouse could ever hope to combat a wizard lizards blizzard?
So in such a unfair and realistic fantasy, the married mice had to wait for fate, the benevolent blobfish God

Coming back to the story,
that hopefully won’t end gory
The mice waited to see each other again
For a day count of ten
which was apparently enough
because fate, the benevolent blobfish god removed all the stuff
The snow melted, the clouds dispersed
and once again the mice conversed

What does this story tell us?
I don’t really know
But you shouldn’t fuss
instead, just go with the flow
Don’t loose you head
when your being asked to stay in bed
or else you’ll have to read another one of these atrocious stories on a screen
Because you just lengthened my quarantine.

Most Popular Poem


by Keeley Kaplan 8th Grader













And so many more

We are proud of who we love

Anyone is accepted

The LGBTQ+ community is so accepting

It doesn’t matter who you are

It doesn’t matter what your background is

Or where you’re from

The LGBTQ+ will accept you for you

We will accept you for you

And yes, I just “came out” to whoever is reading this

But I don’t care

I shouldn’t have to in the first place

It shouldn’t be called that

I shouldn’t be judged for who I love

Love is not a choice

Who you love is not a choice

I am abroromantic asexual

If you don’t know what that is, then I can explain

But not in this poem

It’s not fair that we get pushed down for love

When that’s not a choice

Let us be us

Let us show our pride

Let us raise our flags

And then it won’t be so difficult to find rainbows

Best Artwork


by Han Nguyen, 8th Grader

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Artwork by Victoria Walwork

It was the day, day 21, I wasn’t having very much fun, But then the sun came from the clouds, And I knew I was done, Their entrails spun, Into the image likeness of Thayne, He broke my heart; I feel so much pain, Now I cry by myself in sunshine and rain, And all my friends say is “same” 8th grade group poem