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November 2021

Fall Festival

I'm waiting in line
Just for Italian Ice
When will this line end?

By: Isis McDaniel, November 2021

The Festival

By: Calista Dalyander, November 2021

The lines are so long
I have to do the last shift
I am so tired

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By: Calista Dalyander, January 2022

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January 2022

Living As A Birdie

By: Eleanor Koh, January 2022

Surrounded by nature, flying around

The little birdies squawking on the ground

Pecking the seeds is the little birdies

They go to Walmart and get some slurpees

Shelves, and aisle, lays chips and doritos

Bored little birdies go to the meadows

They bounce on weeds, find bird seeds for themselves

The little birdies are troubled by elves

Brought to Santa, presented with pride

They ride Santa's sled and ride with a glide

Dropping into the little kids houses

Birdies flying into the big coaches

They fly back once again to lovely Maine

Living the birdie life over again

Cat Lying

I have a cat
he likes chasing gnats
he has fluffy fur
and he likes to purr

he fights with other cats
he fights them with sass
he yowls night and day
to chase them away

He thinks he's very ferocious
other cats think he's atrocious
sometimes I wonder
sometimes I ponder


He is very cute
he is so astute
I ♥ my cat
he chases gnats.

I ♥ Cats

By: Isis McDaniel, January 2022

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