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Green Lean Cucumber Machine

By: Audrey McMurrian, September 2020

Green lean cucumber machine you are like a tree

Oh green how you are so clean I do not know

September 2020

Blue is the Color

By: Quinlyn Dalyander, September 2020

Blue is the color of lakes,

Blue is the color of cakes,

Blue will make you smile,

Think of it while,

You look up at the sky,

Do not cry,

Because blue is there

We've had enough

By: Quinlyn Dalyander, September 2020

We've had enough of your pain,

It rains down upon us,

It has no end, how will we mend

the hole left by Covid

Image by Kong Jun

Goodbye Summer

By: Quinlyn Dalyander, September 2020

The summer is ending,

Put your sand toys away

Into fall we are descending

So soon? It seems yesterday it was May

We dust of our backpacks

And pack them with bricks

And go on a bus that's old and stinks.

It smiles at us, but we don't smile back

Every reminder comes like as kick and a slap

From class to class we go,

These days go by so slow,

Seeing old friends is great,

But all we can think,

I how long we have to wait,

For next summer to roll around.

October 2020
Phone Cable Ports


By: Anna Wei, October 2020

I hate spotify ads

Their annoying tunes mock me

Especially State Farm songs

Above the Clouds

Almost Dead

By: Quinlyn Dalyander, October 2020

"Its only mostly dead,"

my mother said,

looking at my computer,

my computer had been a tutor,

and a guide through my virtual class,

preventing me from having to wear a mask,

First there was an error message,

with the blue screen of death,

it would later be a test,

if my dad's laptop could best,

my (almost) dead computer,

My mother tried,

but gave a sigh,

as my computer made one last moan,

and one last groan,

the screen went black,

like a tack in my heart,

my mom looked at my computer,

and said one word that made me want to mute her,


Holy Curse of Heaven

By: David Santoyo, October 2020

Holy Curse of Heaven

The angel’s choir starts to sing

With angelic chords pulling the strings

Power and faith, all up and beyond

With nothing left for the sinner

Their soul be gone

And their life destroyed

By the sacred curse of heaven

Behind their tail

The sacred curse of heaven

Leads those who doubt

Into a vicious cycle

Of being within and out

The clouds evaporate

Turning into dust

Forming into stars

That light up the dusk

Heaven is a concept

That is not a doubt

But the concept in which you think it is

Varies in and out

For some it may be flowers on hills

And others, revenge on those who have wronged them

This tale’s genesis

Has formed with multiple doubts

Newfound verses of this curse

Will change the song

As more and more

Die and go into heaven

Or get damned and go to hell

The Holy Curse of Heaven shouldn’t be trusted

As the next one it takes

May be you, or your loved ones

Or anyone else rusted with the

Holy Curse of Heaven

Bleeding Heaven

By: David Santoyo, October 2020

They say heaven is the best

A place for angels and lovers

To meet and have a test

A test of wits and mercy

A battle of love and war

Until the rain drops down

Of the blood from before


Crys of love and joy

Tears of bleeding mercy

Fall from the sky

Upon our mortal plain

Everything and nothing co-exist

In this fictional wonderland

The souls of the damned

And the wits of the enlightened


Heaven drops body parts

In the form of rain

They're from after the torture

That goes down up above

Melting them

Stirring them

Purifying them

Nothing has stopped them before

And nothing will stop them now.


Bleeding Heaven

Bleeding the tears of the fallen

Healing the rips and tears

Of all who have gone

To beyond our mortal plain

Our heaven isn’t pure

Our heaven isn’t truly heaven

Our heaven

Is bleeding


I step up to the plate, 

Bat in hands,

Watching as the pitcher throws the ball,

Ready to smack the ball over the fence.


As it approaches the plate,

I give it an evil snarl,

I step my front foot forward, swing,



I watch it sail,

Over the centerfielder’s head,

It’s going back, way back,


By: Harrison Dunning, October 2020

Golden Leaves


By: Harrison Dunning, October 2020

The leaves were like beautiful beaming ballerinas dancing through the autumn sky. The Sun, a golden sphere cheerfully smiling at me, and the animals gathering food for the cold winter ahead.


They are following you

They're coming for you. They have been for some time now. You wish they would just go away. They are the it. They are the now, and the then. They are here but are not supposed to be here. They came from the west and move to the east. Killing everything on the way. They go east to the man in the red vest. The man in the red vest is mad, very mad. He wants revenge. You don’t know why. No one knows why. You used to live in the free city’s close to the bog, the beautiful life-giving bog. The man in the red vest poisoned the bog. He’s lunatic. The bog covers half the world. The man in the red vest poisoned half the world. His creatures are following you and will be here soon.

By: Audrey Mcmurran, October 2020

School Bus

Bus Friends

By: Quinlyn Dalyander, October 2020

5th Grade was great

It was an awesome year

But one of my favorite parts

was the bus ride

Yes it was an hour long

Yes it stunk if you had to go pee

Yes it could be annoying at times

But there were so many positives

that I will never forget

We had a nice bus driver

for most of the year

She was not strict

Which may have been a bad thing sometimes

Then one day,

we watched an ambulance take her

and we never saw her again

But that's a different story

for another poem

We were so many different ages

and we would have never met

without the bus ride

We went through a lot together

My closest of the friends

was a second grader named Sawyer

When you spend an hour together,

sitting on a dirty tile floor

stuck in a school office

scared and bored

cause your bus driver never came

You'll always be friends forever

At the bus stop in the morning,

Sawyer, my sister (Cali), and I would play

with sticks

and leaves

and other random stuff

Sawyers little brother would play with us too

Then we would see the bus

come around the corner

And we'd all scramble to grab our bags

and board the bus

The others would already be there

Sometimes someone would be absent

But I loved when we were all there

We'd talk

and laugh

and be a bit naughty

We'd share snacks,

and do homework

Once the hour was up

and we had arrived

we'd cram notebooks into backpacks

and wrappers into lunchboxes

Then we'd hop off the bus

and go our separate ways

This repeated twice a day

For 180 days

Making a total of 360 hours spend together

Which if you do the math,

Is over 21 thousand minutes together

On the last day of 5th grade

I said goodbye,

not only to my classmates

but also my bus friends

On that final day

we had one last laugh

and one last snack

Then at the end

of the final hour

We stepped off the bus together

one last time

I started a new life chapter

Having to leave behind the old

But I will never forget

My bus friends

Sawyer, Amir, Zahara, Aaron, and Cali

(plus my bus-stop friend, 3-year-old William)

November 2020
Snowy Mountain Peaks


By: Sally Rozelle, November 2020

The wind blows softly

Through the trees

Down the road

In the house

A gay fire flickers


There is singing

In that house

There is laughter

In that house


In the woods

Is where I am

There is no fire

To warm me.


By: Sally Rozelle, November 2020

I'll never fully figure out

my capacities.

Nor my strengths.

Until I figure out

my weaknesses.

And learn from them.

Never, will I know all

my mistakes.

Never, or ever, will I need to.

But a time will come

when I will understand,

But never accept.

Airplane Above the Clouds

No Longer Will the Airplanes Fly

By: Sally Rozelle, November 2020


The airplanes fly



It roars.

The fierce guard

contemplating me

And all my actions.



I dropped my

yellow bookbag.

Out spill

it's contents

And the note.


The language written

on it


Yet it needed to be delivered.


But can't

For the guard

has ripped it in two.

No longer will the airplanes fly.

Image by Halacious

The Trumpet and his 


By: Noah Vasallo, November 2020

The jumping trumpet earns sits on the street corner,

For the old man

Who cannot earn a cent,

But the trumpet

The jumping trumpet

It earns it for him,

It makes his pockets full,

For the trumpet understands

Cabbage Leaves


By: Noah Vasallo, November 2020

The cold breeze flying by,

The birds tweeting

You can hear your heart beating

You can hear the swing rocking

You can feel your pencil moving across the paper as you write,

You can see the little butterflies flying across the sky,

After watching the cars go by you decide to go inside

Image by Rayia Soderberg


By: Quinlyn Dalyander, November 2020

Taste the sweet and juicy grapefruit

It helps start the morning right

Worth more than a pirates loot

Such a beautiful sight

It helps start the morning right

How could you disagree?

It's such a beautiful sight

Can I have some more please?

How could you disagree?

It tastes so sweet

Can I have some more please?

Cut it up and then you can eat

It tastes so sweet

Worth more than a pirates loot

Cut it up and then you can eat

Taste the sweet and juicy grapefruit

Image by Mike Benna


By: Sally Rozelle November 2020

Sit outside in the park
Listen to all of the little doggies bark
Find some shade
Close your eyes

Think about your future
Think about your past
Go there really, really fast

See all the flying bunnies
And you'll find them funny

Music Sheets


By: Sally Rozelle, November 2020

When I dance and play
The music just fills me
It moves my feet 
To a steady beat
I feel free
The music dances with me

My hands move across 
The white and black keys
The song is just so soothing
I'm glad that I am moving
I smile and laugh

The music becomes alive
Like swirls in the sky
It moves in just the right timing
The sound is so alarming
I'm lost inside the song

Soon the music stops
And the waves come crashing over
It destroys my house, my town, and my road
I hop about
Then the next song starts
The waves are calm again.

Blue to Cream Gradient

Many Tries

By: Sally Rozelle, November 2020

I open the door
And in she comes
The door closes behind her
The cries of many birds and bats 
Comes through and out of her bag
Inside are the many tries of life and death together

The angels battle the devil
No one can win
No one can loose
The sides are very much even
Evil backwards is live
Live backwards is evil

With that she leaves
Walks right out the door
It closes right behind her

Lonely Little Things

By: Sally Rozelle, November 2020

At night I crawl into my bed
I find it hard to wake
The shadows come into my room
My head will start to ache

Boom, boom
In they come
The Lonely Little Things
They stomp and shout
And cry about
They're Lonely Little Things

I hug my pillow tight
'Cause if I don't 
They come on in
Into my head
And make me lonely too

Watch out!
Don't let that happen to you.


By: Noah Vasallo, November 2020

Nobody can stay in the throwing house

For the house does not allow

The house is not a fun one

It is one that you do not like


For the House does not allow

This house will throw you away

For it is one you do not like,

When you think that you own this house think again when it throws you out,


This house will throw you away

Like you to a dead fat mouse

When you think that you own this house think again when it throws you out,

So just think twice before the house throws you out



Like you to a dead fat mouse

The house is not a fun one

So just think twice before the house throws you out

Nobody can stay in the throwing house

Fall Weather

By: Quinlyn Dalyander, November 2020

Feel the soft breeze

and the cool grass under your feet

Enjoy the fall weather

don't take it for granted

Because you don't know

when the weather will turn cold

and when a blizzard will start

There won't be fall weather forever

But when winter does come

Remember that spring is just around the corner

Winter Trekking
Park in the Fall
December 2020

Wrong Pipe

By: Audrey McMurrian, November 2020

to breath out,
 to exhale 
and nothing comes back to fill the space
almost drowning,
in the kitchen
no water on my face


By: Audrey McMurrian, December 2020

The multiverse looks like a set of neurons in the brain.
 what if each of our neurons was a universe, each cell 
a planet. What if there was life on some, carrying out? 
each task for the world. What if the life on those planets
 had brains with neurons? What if those neurons were
 multiverse? World within world within world, forever.

Image by Raul Cacho Oses

Patchwork Poem

By: Audrey McMurrian, December 2020

so much depends

a little
white crate

A girl
In a black dress

And beautiful

a piece of
broken glass

and the stacked
banana boxes

Soft humming,
And water-worn stones

Earth and Space

The Same as ours

By: Sally Rozelle, December 2020

Out there,
Is a world the same as ours.

The same mountains,
The same roads.
The same people,
The same toads.
All mirroring your every move
In that world the same as ours.


By: Brook Reed, December 2020

What a gorgeous dog,
they would always say. 
As he is he, every day.
Bruno, so smart
without sadness,
We could never be apart.
He only wants affection,
as he is my protection.
“Throw the ball! Throw the ball!”
“I just want to play!” 
What’s going through his mind...
I wonder all day.
So, I throw the ball,
He’s so fast
as he has a blast!
Super crazy,
not so lazy.
We love you, 
you love us.
As we all knew

Holiday Poems

Holiday Poems

By: Noah Vasallo

I wake in the morn

Open many many presents,

We drive to our grandparents

We eat the biggest breakfast of the year

With the kiss and cousins master,( My grandfather was one of the owners )

After we are full, we show off our favorite present

By: Quinlyn Dalyander

Dumpster Fires

Hearts in dire need

The holidays are coming

But not with the same cheer as before

People are sad

Their heads hung low

Decorations are lacking

And the usual people are missing

Mask Maker


The events of this year were odd and strange

Most of them were not good

But in between all the darkness

There were specks of light

More time was spent with family

And we traveled through the great outdoors.

As abnormal 2020 was

There were still great snippets of the year

By: Kai Lopez, January 2021

January 2021


By: Noah Vasallo, January 2021

Bagels, bird feeders, Christmas Lights, Chromebook, Electric Scooter, Family Time,Game Nights , Online School, Pool, Second basketball hoop, Surprise birthday party, Turtles, Video games, Videos, Visco stickers



By: Quinlyn Dalyander


By: Kai Lopez

The art of dumplinging
Is to add excesive amounts of dumplings

To anything of your choice

Observe Tito dumplinging his salad


By: Sally Rozelle

The other day I

Turned on my radio

And made sure the

Volume was as loud as

It could go


The news yelled and

Screamed in my ear

So I turned it down

To make it disappear


Then I turned it up

So I could hear

And this annoyed

My Father who came in and said

"You and this radio better go to bed!"


By: Noah Vasallo

To Mahome you must do 3 things

1, You must lazer every throw and make an Elway cross in every other man's chest.

2, You must throw the ball super far but super accurate

3, You must always win the game even if it’s Brady, Brees, Bridgewater or Burrow

Inspired by Patrick Mahomes

To act like a cat

Is quite a feat

Chasing a rat

While scratching a mat

Being graceful

Landing on your feet

Whacking with your paws

And going in the box

Dandelion Fields

Spend some time with your wonderful wings,
Because you never know what you'll find
Hidden under a books costume.
Inside the bookstore,
It hides in plain sight around the corner
In a fun mind.

Newspaper Clipping Poems

Sally Rozelle, January 2021

Quinlyn Dalyander, January 2021

2020 was like and endless winter, full of pain

Hearts were broken, Hospitals were packed

COVID's not over yet

But we're on the path to recovery

Pulling out of the winter

and into the spring

It won't be fast,

more will be lost

But there is hope

A light at the end of the tunnel

For 2021

Noah Vasallo, January 2021

Dear future me,

I hope quarantine is over and life is fine. I hope you see friends now. Please write back.

Febuary 2021


Sally Rozelle, Febuary 2021

My breath
Swirls in the sky
Forms shapes
Circles, waves

My hands
Hidden under the gloves
No warmth 
For my fingers

My stomach 
I could eat all day
But, no
This food is for you

I know you are hungry
Hidden beneath the frost
Your hands are colder
Frozen, no gloves

This food is warm
I hand it to you
Your voice is small
But I can hear
You want me to eat too

So we sit
Beneath the frosted tree
And eat the apple pie
Happily, with warmth.

Flowers in Pocket

Happy Potion

By: Sally Rozelle, Febuary 2021

Somedays I wish I had
Some happy potion
A potion that
Makes you smile
A potion that fills you up
With that wonderful 
Happy feeling

I wish I had 
Some happy potion
It'd make me happy 
When I feel sad
It'd bring a smile 
To my face

I'm going to find 
Some happy potion
A memory 
Of mine.

Hope is like...

By: Sally Rozelle, Febuary 2021

Hope is like confidence 
It gives you the power
To believe
In not only yourself
But in others 
And in other ideas, 
beliefs, and cultures

Hope is like flight
A single,
Optimistic equality
Can change the world

Hope is like the wind
It can stand still
Or rumble and 

Hope you can hold 
With all the strength 
You have left

And hope is not always there 
When we need it most

Hope is like light
And with light 
There will always 
Be darkness.

April 2021


By: Brook Read, April 2021

It's not right

the world these days.

People are living in fright...

Equality has faded..

We are all equal..

we are all people.

and should be treated that way.

The world has changed,

do you have something nice to say?

If not, go away...

Let's not live apart.

Just know,

it all comes from the heart.

Let's all do our part.

We can help it end...

Everyone is a friend.

No matter what they look like,

no need to dislike..

Live, Love, Equality.

For all.

"A person's a person,

no matter how big or how small"


By: Sally Rozelle, May 2021

A slight smile, 

Nothing more.

May 2021
Cactus Field

Two Sides

By: Rachel Ruffing, May 2021

Are cactuses scared

They seem so lonely

They never see friends

They scare them away

Their friends never seem to stay

But they just don’t know

That they can heal on the inside

And can’t control what you see

They must want to be set free

They are ruff plants

But is that what they want

That idea just seems quite blunt

Curvy Tree Road

Magical Phases

By: Rachel Ruffing, May 2021

The dark woods are magical places

Every kid has those phases

Where they truly believe

no one else can deceive

They can see them as scary

Or they could have seen a fairy

It all depends on the kid

They live their life with no lid

They wonder with no doubt

If you take them from their dreams, they will be sure to pout


Don’t wonder from your dreams

The real world isn’t always what it seems

Find you inner child

Just go wild

Run in you forest

Be your own chorus

And truly believe


I'm an introvert

By: Rachel Ruffing, May 2021

Every single day

There are words I just must say

I can't explain why

But the words never lie

I can't stop them from being said

They tend to be the words left un read

I just don't know what's going on in my head

Somedays I just need to lay in bed

Sit there with all my thoughts

While my brain rots

And wait till I can control my words

Till I can sit in silence away from the herds

Because I'm an introvert

And I don't want to be hurt

The Chains from the Cage

By: Rachel Ruffing, May 2021

The feeling of relief 

Can seem beyond belief

When stress overpowers

And you happiness sours

all people you meet seem so sweet

But your life can no longer be a sheet

There is no repeat

no restart 

You wish they could still be a part

Once you fly away

You no longer hear what they all say 

You feel the relief, but it isn't so freeing

You fell the emptiness, is there really any point in living

So, you go back to the cage

Where no one can rage

No anger no disappointment

You take all their ointment

You be who They wish

You become their little fish

Its over from here

no one is near

You just want to be free

But no one can see

The pain, the emotions you can't escape

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