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Forest Scene

Group Poems

October 2020

Kim Jon Un and Putin​ (Ms. Vincent)

Were very very sad one day (Keeley)

They didnt know how to play chess (Kai)

They decided to go to an ice cream shop in the U.S (Anna)

So they crushed the capitalists in Bombay (Miles)

And now they happiest they were all day (Claire)

But Batman jumped out and saved the day (Nancy)

And Kim Jong and Putin were like what the hay (Keeley)

October 2020

Miles was walking outside wearing a sparkly rainbow cape (Keeley)

Then he ate a grape (Kai)

Cats, October 2020

Speaking of cats (Ms. Vincent)

They sometimes eat rats (Kai)

They like to chase bats (Claire)

After eating the rats, they like torturing bats (Anna)

And tear up floor mats (Kai)

Then they have a hairball on your brand new mat (Quinlyn)

They also like cheese (Keeley)

When the cats pounce past (Owen)

They are the sole reason we know Earth isn't flat (Nancy)

Image by ActionVance

Here's to the flat-earthers, October 2020

Here's to the flat-earthers (Ms. Vincent)​

The venerated moon truthers (Miles)

They don't believe in birds (Keeley)​

The ones with no clue how or what reality is. Or maybe they do (Nancy)​

They claim their biology teachers teach them these things (Keeley)​

The way the post their stuff on twitter (Elliott)​

That there must be two moons (Ms. Vincent)

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