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Current Event written by Darlena Nguyen

Yearbook newsletter: Gradventure edition!

With high school around the corner, our Tmfms 8th graders are looking forward to these last few events to finish off their middle school memories. With the annual ‘Gradventure’ approaching in 2 weeks, these middle school graduates are excited to explore Universal Studios. I consulted some of our current 8th grade students and teachers, to find out their thoughts about the upcoming trip.

“I’m mostly just excited to be goofing off with friends and riding everything!” said Julie Salverio. “I’m happy I get to spend time with these people outside of school before we all go our separate ways.” Gradventure seemed like a bittersweet moment that Julie was looking forward to. I then spoke to Nico Arango, who gave me a different insight on Gradventure. “I’m excited, yeah, but I’m not too stoked about the rides. But who knows? Maybe peer pressure will get the best of me!” Several people just mentioned how much they wanted to ride the ‘Hulk’ and ‘Spiderman’. Lily Salkoviz shared, “I’m ready to ride every ride, run around the park and just go wild.”

I spoke to Mr. Puckett, who is running the ‘Gradventure’ trip this year. He seemed pretty ecstatic about visiting the park again, and even mentioned the exclusive fast pass he would be using. “I was able to go on the Hulk at least twice in about 10 minutes last year!” he shared. Ms. Vincent, another Gradventure chaperone stated that she was excited to walk around and enjoy the environment. The parents of Tmfms seem ready to accommodate this wild bunch and make sure everything is in order.

To wrap up this article, I talked to class of 2018’s student, Kelly Codding, who is a close friend of mine. She mentioned the lengthy lines, but also how she enjoyed the night and had a great time with her friends. “Honestly just getting a game plan and making sure everyone gets where they want to go is pretty stressful,” Eleonora Yordanova shared. “But all in all, it was a fun night and a great experience!”  Most students I had spoken to had shared their excitement or maybe even stress they felt for this upcoming night. Every 8th grader grows more and more jittery as May 3rd grows closer!

Current Event Written by Mazaria Flowers 

Over the past months, the 8th graders at Thurgood Marshall has been walking on a balance beam trying not to fall off and keeping their act together to still go. Unfortunately, some have fell back. Sadly, those students will miss out on all the fun that Gradventure offers. What is Gradventure, you ask? Universal's Gradventure is the ultimate middle school “celebration for graduating students”, with cutting-edge rides and attractions, dance parties and more, according to Universal Studios official website.

This leads to the interviewing of students to get their perspective of how they feel about this upcoming event. Asking one out many students attending, Nyjaee Burnett, a hard-working student, explains how she is mostly looking forward to the “rides.”


The picture above is Sara Marquetty staying on track, so she can still go to Gradventure.


In addition, Darlena Nyguyen expresses and says how she is ecstatic to “try the different foods.” In short, from the student’s perspective they are looking forward to enjoying themselves and having the opportunity to be with friends, laughing and riding the night away.

On the other hand, from the point of view of administration they have their thoughts on it as well. “I am excited to see my 8th graders having fun and hanging out”, says Mrs. Desonie. However, she really hopes not to see any “horsing around”. After all the time that flies by, the rules still apply. Like any other principals, they would love to see demonstrations of the “6 C’s” throughout campus as a benefit in staying on the balance beam.


Above are students, Jamecia Golden, Taniyha Newton, and

Destiny Brown who are ready to spend time with their

Friends without being told to be quiet by a teacher. “It’s like

shackles being broken off my hands”, they say.

All in all, majority of participants are ready to grasp the adventurous experience that occurs once in a blue moon. Preparing for the rides, laughter, and sight seeing’s, there is still work to be done. With the best behavior, and commitment all students will make it across the balance beam.