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Even Now Poetry Reading

Even Now, Ethan Koh, 8th Grader

Even now,

We can be happy,

But you ask,

How could it be,

To that I would normally respond,

We can somehow,


The inner lowbrow,

From going powwow.


And just now,

I noticed that how that wasn’t very concise,

So, let me elaborate on said point,

If we let the crackdown,

Do said damage as in powwow,

Then you have basically drowned,

Here is the happy part now,

But if you stay optimistic,

And not pessimistic,

And take this as heuristic,

Then you will stay enthusiastic,

And not go ballistic,

Or become fatalistic,

Because I don’t believe that destiny makes the right choices,

I prefer to chart my own course.

Even Now, Victoria Walwork, 8th Grader

Even now in this time of great need
Even now I’m this quarantine
Together we stay
But apart we must play
Even now in this period of teams

Even Now, Han Nguyen, 8th Grader

Even now, the sun still shines.

Even now, we still use the law of sines.

Even now, the birds still sing.

Even now, the bells still ring.

Even now, learning has not stopped.

Even now, we have yet to reach the top.

Even now, we have yet to see the end.

Even now, we have not seen all we have to mend.


Even now, we wait and hope our actions were not too late.

Even Now, Keeley Kaplan, 8th Grader

Even now

After all I’ve been through,

I’m staying strong

I won’t let what they said hurt me anymore

I won’t let their actions hurt me

That’s what I tell myself


Even now

After a year

It still hurts

The things they did to me

The hurtful things they said

The lies they spread

It hurt me then

And it hurts me now

But why?

It’s been a year

Why does it still hurt me?

Why do I still think about it?


Despite the hurt and pain

Even now

I’m hoping

For better days

Either tomorrow

In a month

Or in a week or two

Even now

I’m not giving up on my feelings

Even now

The world won’t bring be down

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