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Tik Tok Island

Tik Tok Island

There was a mysterious island off the coast of Japan. The island was removed from all maps after a terrible accident.

Six friends were visiting their home country Japan. They decided to go to the forbidden Island. After hours of searching for a skipper that would take them to the Island. The reason no one would take them is because whoever touches the island never sees the light of day again. When they finally found a skipper, who would take them the packed their bags and headed off. They reached the Island on Saturday afternoon.

Three months later……………

The six friends were never found.

Three more months later……………………

The six friends were found. But not alive. On each one of their faces were broken, pressed in and skin ripping clocks. And with their blood there was a message saying, “remember the name Tik Tok.” Till this day the message is still there the bodies never decomposed and you could always remember the wretched, horrifying and evil name, Tik Tok.


-Arnav Sobti, Trent Burket

6th grade 

A Perfect Flower For A Perfect Person

I gather my things, before I know it, I am out the door. I walk to the woods and there is a friendly air about them. The cool, crisp, autumn air mixed with a hint of pine transports me to a different world. I hear the leaves blowing through the air, dancing through the wind in their own little pattern. I'm getting close, I think to myself as I jog to the entrance.  

Once I’m in, the environment changes around me. The gray clouds and the bird chirps are suddenly ominous. The wind picks up, causing the leaves to twirl around the stones. These stones are arranged in a perfect pattern. One for everyone here.  

I reach his stone and read it aloud to myself 

“Skyler Williams, 1998-2009" His stone came too soon. As I fight back tears, I place a rose on his grave. 


A perfect flower for a perfect person

-Hope Lemoine

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