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Goodbye and Congratulations on Your Graduation

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The Middle Years

by Ethan Koh, Former 8th Grader

The Middle Years

8th Grade,

Was my best year,

Of middle school,

Just to get it off my chest,

The teachers this year were the best,

My friends,

I cannot express,

Were the best and sometimes a bit zest,

And these are facts that I can attest to,

Thurgood was amazing,

Battle of the Books was blazing,

Omnilit was appraising,

And NJHS to be honest,

Was a little drab, don’t tell Ms. Evans I said that,

And Ms. Evans, if you happen to be reading this, that was a joke


But now, it’s time to take a rest,

So, we can begin our quest,

Into high school and all the unknowns.

Goodbye everyone,

Moving on is always bittersweet,

There is no way around that,

But cherish the fun memories you had with your friends,

At the lunch table and in the hallways,

Those late-night cramming sessions for that math test,

That secret third floor,

Or other things forevermore,

Because it is important to look back,

When we move forward.

Its hard to say goodbye,

Not even in person,

 But I will miss you all,



Au revoir,

Bon voyage.


Ethan Koh, 8th Grader, 2020.

Image by Billy Huynh

Saying Farewell to Thurgood

by Han Nguyen, Former 8th Grader

I           D              O

t            o              v

             n              e

i          peri           r

s     ex      ence


                         ime is up

I learned a lot


What an adventure it was

     B                  T                  Y

     I                   H                 O
     G                  A                 U



Image by Jakub Kriz


by Johnathan Miller, Former 8th Grader

The end

The end is near

No the end is here

But is it the end if everyone will remember

The good times that bond us together stronger than timber

There is no end if you think about it

It's best not to throw a fit

Because ends are really beginnings in disguise

Just like truths are factual lies

So don't think about it as a goodbye think about it as a new start

Because there is never a end if you remember the people you care in your heart

Image by Kaushik Panchal


by Tori (Victoria), Former 8th Grader

As I wave my school ado
I remember everything we used to do
Like the noodle party lunches
Or the bathrooms we flocked to in
Together we went through
Together we grew
The memories I’ll take with me
There forever you will be
From testing time madness
Or the Thanksgiving board thankfulness
The competitive games like volleyball
I’ll always remember them all
New people we have become
So far we have come
Please remember me
For in my memory you’ll always be
So goodbye to my friends have always understood
Goodbye everyone at Thurgood

Image by eberhard grossgasteiger

Saying Farewell to Thurgood 

by Keeley Kaplan, Former 8th Grader

My last year at this school 

My last year of middle school 

My last day of 8th grade 

My last day of middle school 

My last day being a Thurgood student 

At 4:10 I’ll be a Thurgood graduate 

And I’ll become a Gibbs PCCA musical theater student 

But I won’t forget 

The amazing teachers 

The fun plays we did 

The friends I made 

The 3rd floor 

The loud cafeteria and hallways 

The random clapping at lunch 

Waiting in the hallways for class to start 

Student council and 


However, the thing that I’ll miss the most 

Is the piano 

After lunch the kids with honor passes would gather around the piano 

And play songs 

I remember I used to play the same 5 notes over and over 

Because they were the opening to a Hamilton song 

It’s quiet uptown 

Highschool will be different 

There are things at Thurgood that I’ll miss 

And things that I won’t 

But I will never forget the piano 

And the tunes played 

And the memories made 


-Keeley Kaplan, 8th grader 2019-2020

Image by Clyde RS


by Ethan Ruffing, Former 8th Grader

So this is the end,

We had a good run,

We did bend near the finish.

But we had a lot of fun,

I came in very late to Omnilit

I mean very late,

So some of your stories I might not be able to relate,

But I do remember school,

There were highs and there were lows,

We were forced with sadness,

We also had fun times that everybody knows,

Everyone has their own memories,

and I hope they are nice,

But I know that I will miss this school,

And you should too,

So with this poem I want to conclude my stay here at Thurgood,

And I bid you farewell.

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