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Goodbye Mr. Puckett

December 2020

On Mr. Puckett's final day of teaching at Thurgood before going to his new job, we all presented him with literature we had made for him during Omni Lit. We are happy that he got a new opportunity, but sad to see him go. We will miss you Mr. Puckett!

Goodbye Mr. Puckett

By: Quinlyn Dalyander, 7th Grader


              New Opportunities

                   GoOd listener











Head in the Closet



    FahrenheiT 451

     Best ELA Teacher I’ve ever had

Dear Mr. Puckett,

By: Emma Kind, 7th Grader

You have made such a big impact on my life and the lives of many other students. You have thought us so much and it is hard to see you go. I'm glad you are starting a new chapter of your life. It's very nice how you want to get a better job to help support your family. You will be missed by all of us. I just want you to remember that nobody will ever be able to replace you. You let us goof around a little bit but could also be strict if needed. The gimkit's we played together were always so fun.

You will be missed,

By: Emma Kind, 7th Grader

I will always remember you. I also know that 3rd block this year was secretly your favorite. I wish I was in school so I could wish you a farewell in person but that's ok. I have very fun and nice memories to remember you by.

Quinlyn Dalyander, 7th Grader

Weird Mr. Puckett

Has a head in his closet

That is all bloody

Ms. Vincent, Teacher

Six lifetimes ago

You skateboarded down the hall

And became my friend

Noah Vasallo, 7th Grader

Mr. Puckett, oh Mr. Puckett

You have a bloody second head

You make rules since 2013

Miles Dallara, 9th Grader

Heads in your closet you must leave behind

In a new life you must find

This empty classroom you must leave

Leave the kids to silently grieve

None can replace this bald man

But we will always stan

Miss the gleam in student’s eyes

Cope with some nice french fries

I am out of ideas

So bye I guess

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