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Living As a Birdie

By: Eleanor Koh, Former 6th Grader

Surrounded by nature, flying around

The little birdies squawking on the ground

Pecking the seeds is the little birdies

They go to Walmart and get some slurpees

Shelves, and aisle lay chips and doritos

Bored little birdies go to the meadows

They bounce on weeds, find bird seeds for themselves

The little birdies are troubled by elves

Brought to Santa, presented with pride

They ride Santa's sled and ride with a glide

Dropping into the little kids houses

Birdies flying into the big coaches

They fly back once again to lovely Maine

Living the birdie life over again

I Am From...

By: Sally Rozelle, Former 8th Grader, November 2021

I am from books, from bagels, and gluten-free birthday cake

I am from the hidden wooden house in the back by the water

From lilacs and roses and soapy wet sponges

I am from movies after dinner and naps after lunch

From Samantha, and Shanna, and Michaella

I am from always five minutes early or ten minutes late

From "I'm just around the corner" and "don't ever do that again"

From Shabbat candles and Christmas trees

From Columbus and Europe and waffles and pancakes

From the peas on your head and the glitter in your water

I am from small squares in a small notebook and picture frames on walls and the box in the attic under the shawls.

The G.O.A.T.

By: Uma Khare, Former 7th Grader, March 2022

Whoosh! Goes the wind that nearly doused my flames. But not enough power- I just grow stronger. I'm untouchable - unhurtable. The crowd cheers for me anytime I dodge a punch matric-style or land a blow. My opponent named "Whirlwind" is known for turning water in on itself. But me? I'm the G.O.A.T. Only I can beat me. My fires is so hot my fans wear sunglasses just to watch my quick, victorious fights. My foes can't sweep my embers or land a punch, how could I ever lose? Whirlwind sprints around as a vortex surrounds me, bringing me back to reality. I can't move. I can't breathe. No O2 for me, no fight left in me. My fans go silent and the other part of the crowd roars with their approval. Water spirits make waves and air spirits spin and twirl feet off the ground. My own fans join the celebration, "Traitors" I think bitterly before my light goes out and I'm warped out of the ring.


By: Daniela Julian, Former 8th Grader, February 2022

Drop, clink, spark

Alkali remark

Halogens spread through the air

While arsenic can bring despair

Neon will light the way

And H2O will help you live yet another day

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