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Goodbye 2020 Poems

Great things from A-Z 2020

Noah Vasallo, 7th Grader, January 2020

Bagels, bird feeders, Christmas Lights, Chromebook, Electric Scooter, Family Time,Game Nights , Online School, Pool, Second basketball hoop, Surprise birthday party, Turtles, Video games, Videos, Visco stickers


Kai Lopez, 7th Grader, January 2020

The events of this year were odd and strange

Most of them were not good

But in between all the darkness

There were specks of light

More time was spent with family

And we traveled through the great outdoors.

As abnormal 2020 was

There were still great snippets of the year

Your Mr. PUckett Features

Goodbye Mr. Puckett, We will miss you!

By: Miles Dallara, 9th Grader, December 2020

By: Ms. Vincent, Teacher, December 2020

Heads in your closet you must leave behind

In a new life you must find

This empty classroom you must leave

Leave the kids to silently grieve

None can replace this bald man

But we will always stan

Miss the gleam in student’s eyes

Cope with some nice french fries

I am out of ideas

So bye I guess

Six lifetimes ago

You skateboarded down the hall

And became my friend

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Ms. Vincent

The Center for Gifted Studies Language Arts teacher for 8th grade at Thurgood Marshall Fundamental

Mr. Puckett

Center for Gifted Studies 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher at Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle School

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