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Keeley Kaplan "My One and Only" Collection

The Field

by Keeley Kaplan, 8th Grader

A picnic basket

A blanket

A boy and a girl

Laughter and joy

Love and smiles

Beautiful sunflowers all around

She never expected to feel this way about him

And he never expected to feel this way about her

But love is unexpected

Then as the stars rise they look up into the night sky

As she remembers how she was hurt in the past

And remembers how she’s been feeling

But he listens and comforts her

She doesn’t think that it’s fair that she has him by her side

After everything she’s been through

But he cares and he makes her happy and he cheers her up with the funniest jokes

She tells him how she feels and how unfair it is to him

To be stuck with someone like her

Someone that is stupid, ugly and annoying

But he tells her how smart, caring, kind and beautiful she is

And all she can do is cry and say how she doesn’t deserve him

And he holds her in his arms and says that he doesn’t deserve her

And he tells her he loves her

And they’re young

Only 14

But they found something beautiful already

And they want to make it last

They’re going to take it slow

And they’re happy together

And ever since that moment

At the end of every month they return

They return to the picnic basket

To the blanket

To the laughter and joy

To the beautiful sunflowers

To the smiles

And to the love

That are all in the beautiful field

Paper Swan

by Keeley Kaplan, 8th Grader

Nonexistent feathers

Laughter and joy

Trying to make so many little swans in a day

So many paper cuts and band aids

So much folding

So many snack breaks

Yet the two aren’t giving up

They like to set the paper swans in the sunflower field

And race the little swans across the small pond

And the rest of the swans contain sweet messages for each other

And they aren’t great at it, but they love folding the little paper swans

Because there’s so much laughter and joy

And there’s pure happiness in each swan

And after their swan race

And reading the cute messages

The have a picnic and then watch the sunset and look at the stars

And wonder how they found each other

And how they’ve met someone that they love already

And they remember that day in math class

And they write down their memories in the blank paper swan

Old Polaroid

by Keeley Kaplan, 8th Grader

Her mother gave her old polaroid camera to her

She took it to the field with her the next day and put it in the picnic basket

She showed him the old polaroid after they raced paper swans and had their picnic

They took pictures of the sunset and the stars

They took a picture of the sunflowers

They took pictures of the paper swans

Of the picnic

Of the field

And from then on, they always brought the polaroid

So they could see the memories

The pond

And all the swan races

Reading each other’s sweet messages

The cute moments

And all the beautiful memories in the field were captured with the old polaroid camera

She created a board with all the photos and swans so they can always remember

Remember the laughter

The joy

And the love

Thanks to the paper swans

And especially the old polaroid

The Promise

by Keeley Kaplan, 8th Grader

She loved him

He loved her

And after all they been through

They knew their love was true

And they continued to go to the sunflower field

And race swans

And read sweet messages written down

And took pictures with the old Polaroid camera

But she was scared that the happiness would be taken away

So she made a promise to herself

To never forget what is true

To never forget the day they met

To never forget the love in her heart

To never forget how much he meant to her

To never forget the laughter joy and happiness

To never forget the love

And to never forget those words that he said to her

The promise that he made

The day he told her that he loved her

He hugged her so tight because she was feeling down

He promised everything was going to be alright

He promised that from that day forward he would protect her

And that he would never purposely hurt her

He promised to always support her

He promised that he loved her and will always love her no matter what

He promised that when she was down, he would be by her side

And he never broke his promise

He was always by her side

And he always had her back

So the next time they went to the field she brought something

She brought a board that had all the polaroid pictures

All the swans

All the memories

And two pieces of paper

He looked over every memory

Smiling, laughing and crying

And then he took the two pieces of the paper on the board

They were poems

THE poems

The poems she had written for him back in eighth grade

The original copies

He read them over tears in his eyes

And she hugged him and said I love you

She then made her promise to him

She will always be there for him, loving him and caring for and about him

She will never ever try to hurt him

But most of all,

She will never forget all the memories they made

The laughter and joy

And the love

And they never broke their promises to each other

And that was the promise she made

And together they always felt happy, loved and free

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