8th Grade Poetry

Statue with Crown




He could be your best friend or your worst enemy
If you helped him in battle, you could receive a talent
If you sought sanctuary, you would be slain
He killed thousands and conquered vast regions
Yet his legacy was greater than the average eye could see
For it stretched from Japan to India, from Greece to the Middle east
Even though he may not be great in the sense of good
He was an exceptional conqueror and courageous leader

Abstract Water


Daniela Julian, 8th grade

February 2022

"Drop, clunk, spark
Alkali remark
Halogens spread through the air
While arsenic can bring despair
Neon will light the way

and H2O will help you live yet another day"


I am from...

By: Sally Rozelle, November 2021

I am from books, from bagels, and gluten-free birthday cake
I am from the hidden wooden house in the back by the water
From lilacs and roses and soapy wet sponges 
I am from movies after dinner and naps after lunch
From Samantha, and Shanna, and Michaella 
I am from always five minutes early or ten minutes late
From ""I'm just around the corner"" and ""don't ever do that again""
From Shabbat candles and Christmas trees
From Columbus and Europe and waffles and pancakes
From the peas on your head and the glitter in your water
I am from small squares in a small notebook and picture frames on walls and the box in the attic under the shawls.

Thank you

By: Sally Rozelle, November 2021

I don't think I'd thought about it until now
I don't think I'd even dreamt of it
It just never crossed my mind
And now that it has
I don't know how to answer,
To respond,
To reply to
My mind, lingering on empty
Unsure how to keep moving forward 
Beyond that idea
But you do
You know exactly
What I can't form into words
I wish I could figure out how to
Thank you.


By: Sally Rozelle, November 2021


Open doors
Open possibilities
I wish I could move but
My legs won't work
So I'm stuck here
In this empty corridor
All by myself.


By: Sally Rozelle, November 2021

The child

Almost forgotten

Skipping through the streets

Not a worry in the world.

Image by Alexander Tsang

Running for my life. Greyhound racing
By: Brooke read, 8th grader
november 2021

3, 2, 1 Go! 
Faster, Faster
no time to be slow.
My heart pounding, 
the terrible summer heat, 
all the people surrounding.
It’s almost complete.
passing the line, 
I hear a small whine.
Another, tragic death
was I next?
thoughts rushing through my head
settling in the air,
the feeling of dread. 
This life isn’t fair
Winners are supposed to be happy.
not for me,
there will never be a feeling of glee.
It’s the normal life of a greyhound. 
never ending pain,
better off in the pound. 
All my feelings suddenly drain.
Running to survive, 
all that, 
and I’m barely alive

By: Sally Rozelle, 8th grader
December 2021
By: Avery Erickson, 8th grader
December 2021

One day the monster
crept out from beneath
Creeping along
with no one to eat
then along came a kid
and he gobbled it up
then he was full 
for a long long time.

"A whisper in the dead of night
A whisper through the vacant streets
A whisper so quiet, so soft
Only those listening can hear it

A whisper spoken far away
A whisper carried by the wind
A whisper so quiet, so soft
Only those listening can hear it

A whisper to the wealthy
A whisper to the poor
But only those listening can hear it

A whisper with a hint of guilt
A whisper with a wisp of wish
A whisper so quiet, so soft
Only those listening can hear it

A whisper through the vacant streets
A whisper carried by the wind
A whisper with a hint of guilt
But only those listening can hear it


By: Finn

It’s not fair
I feel horrendous every time I talk
Every time I blink
I feel disgusting
The stages of grief are going slow
Painfully slow
Too slow
I wish it would hurry up
I try to convince myself I’ve accepted it all
But I cant
There is no way that I can accept it completely
It’s awful
Dreadful even 
I hate it all
I want it to go away
I want to feel okay
This isn’t fair
So unfair
Its me now
only me now
it will only be me from now on
there's no one
nobody at all
no one can help
no one is there
they're all leaving
why are the leaving
please don't go
I don't know what I did
please come back