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Pick a Dream Job and We'll Tell You Which Teacher Wanted that Job

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As kids, we all have our dream jobs. From doctors- to musicians the sky is the limit! But have you ever wondered what your teachers dream jobs were as kids? A few days ago we asked some teachers- “What did you want to be as a kid?” and some answers were pretty interesting.

Some teachers such as Mrs. McAlpine and Mrs. Boylen actually wanted to become a teacher as a kid, though Mrs. McAlpine also wanted to become a sports broadcaster. Other teachers took the comedic route, with Mr. Roberson saying as a kid he wanted to be a “dance machine” and Mr. Hammond saying he wanted to become rich. Coach Brown wanted to be a photographer and Coach Eisenbart wanted to become a police officer- more specifically a detective.

Mr. Hynes had big dreams of becoming a football running back for Kansas and Señora Leonard dreamed of becoming a singer. As a kid Mrs. Lance wanted to be a lawyer and Mrs. Gibson wanted to become a doctor. As for the science teachers, Mr. Evans wanted to be a marine biologist, Mrs. Flint wanted to be a flight attendant, and Mrs. Barnitz wanted to work in the State Department.

So there is some insight into some of your teachers and what dream jobs they had as kids. We found it very interesting learning more about the teachers that help you learn new things every day, and we hope you found this just as interesting as we did.

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