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21 Questions with . . . Mr. Puckett

Who is Mr. Puckett really? We all know he is an eighth grade language arts, yearbook, and broadcast teacher, but we don’t know all the interesting details. If you want to know some interesting facts about Mr. Puckett read on.

Mr. Puckett has been teaching for around four years, but he used to be a journalist for the Tampa Bay Times.

  1. “On the weekends I like to play soccer and go stand up paddle boarding”

  2. When he was younger he dreamt of being an artist, but later wanted to be a literature teacher.

  3. “Where would you live if you did not live here” I asked. Mr. Puckett said he would spend some time in Southeast Asia, then Europe, and then the west coast of the United States.

  4. Mr. Puckett says he enjoys teaching yearbook because of the collaboration that goes into producing a time capsule of the school year. He enjoys teaching language arts because he loves inspiring students to read and write.

  1. The food that he enjoys are asparagus, pizza, sushi, tofu, and Hawkers' roti

  2. Mr. Puckett indeed pours his cereal before his milk

  3. The first thing Mr. Puckett does when he wakes up is make coffee

  4. “If I won the lottery I would buy a 1968 Volkswagen mini bus, then I would fly to Brooklyn and go to the best restaurant there, and then I would buy a bunch of records and books."

  5. “I would say I prefer the sun over the snow”

  6. No surprise Mr. Puckett’s favorite subject when he was young was Language arts!

  7. “Where’s the prettiest place you have visited?” I asked him. “Well It is hard to beat the architecture in Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, and Florence, but the coast of Oregon is just beautiful.”

  8. Mr. Puckett attended Eckerd college

  9. His favorite number is 13

  10. Mr. Puckett’s go to brand is Original Penguin

  11. “My favorite artist would probably have to be Van Gogh"

  12. Mr. Puckett has been growing his beard for about a year and a half

  13. “Do you recycle?” Mr. Puckett does indeed recycle

  14. “If I got the chance to compete in Jeopardy I would definitely give it a shot”

  15. Mr. Puckett chooses dogs over cats

  16. “If you could have dinner with 3 people dead or alive who would you choose?” “I would have to say Ernest Hemingway because he is an excellent writer and he would have great stories to tell, Bob Marley because he would have a cool perspective on life, and Sarah Silverman because she is funny and intelligent.

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