Fortnite Craze Dominating the School

Fortnite has become a very popular game among the school's students and is a very common topic of their daily conversations. But why is it so popular? Some students say they "like the challenge of the game", and with most people being at least somewhat competitive, playing Fortnite against 100 people to see if they can win has become quite addicting. Students have been known to spend extended amounts of time and money on the game, and studies show that three out of every four students at the school play the game. The average time a student plays daily is roughly 2 hours and 30 minutes, but the longest consecutive time a person has played Fortnite at this school has been for 16 hours straight, and the most money spent on the game is 50 dollars. Fortnite has become more than just a game, it is now an epidemic.

Name Amount spent Average time played Longest time played


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Trent Zanghi 25$ 4 hours 9 hours

Chas Williams 25$ 2 hours 10 hours

Jack Carlan 20$ 2 hours 3 hours

Dominic Ghizzoni ---- 3 hours 13 hours

Joseph Becker 20$ 2 hours 10 hours

Dylan Gorham ---- 10 minutes 3 hours

Jayden Staton 50$ 9 hours 16 hours

Here's some information that was gathered:

Top 4 weapons

-The Pump Shotgun

-Blue Burst Assault Rifle

-Bolt Action sniper Rifle

-Golden Scar

Top 5 Skins

-John Wick

-Bright Gunner

-Bright Bomber


-Skull Trooper

Tips to get your first Victory Royale:

-Learn to build

-Hide in a bush


“But remember, Fortnite is very addicting so remember to do your homework!” –Mr. Ralston 2018