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Desert Dune

So Much Depends Upon

November 2020

Have you ever read the poem The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams? The Red Wheelbarrow is a short poem that describes a single image that Williams remembers from an important moment in his life. He never tells the reader what the moment was, he only describes the image. Omni Lit members were inspired by The Red Wheelbarrow and wrote poems that started with the line "So much depends upon".

The Red Wheelbarrow

By William Carlos Williams

so much depends



a red wheel



glazed with rain



beside the white


Kai Lopez

so much depends

where the foot
is placed

and the cold
damp leaves

and the
water-worn stones

Quinlyn Dalyander

So much depends



the tearful

quick announcement


a packed school



and the stacked

banana boxes

Audrey McMurrian

so much depends

a painting on 

the wall

above the plants

and a can

shining in the 


like a piece of broken glass

Jocelyne Lioe

so much depends upon 

the dark foggy glass at night

scenery flashing by

Soft humming singing you to 


Owen McCourt

so much depends



a little

white crate


few tufts of

black fur


strewn about the

crate floor

Elliott Curtis

So much depends upon

A girl

In a black dress

Sitting on

A blue bench

In the pouring rain.

Noah Vasallo

So much depends



The Buzz Lightyear


His beautiful colors

The constant smile he holds

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